Welcome to the Elephant Coast - one of South Africa's most beautiful and unspoiltl areas. This narrow strip of land, approximately 200 kilometers long and just 70 kilometers wide, is home to an incredible 21 different ecosystems. Dense evergreen forests of towering fig trees stand in a lush undergrowth of ferns and wild orchids hanging from the trees. Palm savannahs with thousands of wild date and lama palms dot the white sand of the undulating landscape. Swamp forests with large raffia's and tangled masses of greenery that are home to a myriad of exquisite birds, and behind them mountainous sand dunes appear to shift with the sighing of gentle winds.

Few areas in Africa have the incredible diversity of fresh water ecosystems found here. There are major rivers, broad flood plains, large coastal lagoons, deep clear coastal lakes, extensive papyrus swamps and small semi-permanent pans. Hippo, crocodiles and small game can still be found in the wild and a phenomenal number of bird species abound. There is a wide variety of flora, with well over 2 000 plant species, many of which are endemic to the region. 

The Elephant Coast is bound in the North West by the Ubombo Mountains, in the east by the warm Indian Ocean and in the south by the Umfolozi River just below the St Lucia Estuary which is part of a World Heritage site. The area is steeped in history containing a number of paleontological sites of scientific importance.

This incredible area is a perfect destination for all ages with something for everyone. There are dozens of game reserves, beautiful beaches, deep sea fishing and diving on a number of reefs, mountain trails, cultural activities and a number of historical sites. This is one of the few destinations where a visitor can see the Big 5 in a game reserve, and within a short half hour's drive, be able to watch dolphins and whales. There is a variety of excellent accommodation to suit every pocket and a holiday to the Elephant Coast will be enjoyed by everyone from adventure lovers to those who just want to escape to the bush and commune with nature.

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